Clément Ader

At the beginning of the 20th century this famous French engineer, aviation and telecommunications adventurer, born in Muret, came here to settle his inventive soul.




In 1890 he got famous when he, for the first time in history, took off for 50 meters with his one motor plane "Eole 1", the first flight on a motorised plane.

He planted 50 hectares of vine plants, replaced the plants killed by Phylloxera virus and renewed the cellar by means of the most modern techniques and created the first glass-covered wine vats. (still existing).

As a consequence, the domain took a revival.

However, financing aviation research, necessary investments in Ribonnet and the drastic fall of wine consumption after the 1st world war led to his financial ruin.

Shortly before his death in 1923, Clément Ader sold the domain to a Belgian family.

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